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Extended Hugs

            When starting c.HAIR.iTEE®, we set out to solve a sustainable fashion waste problem. But at the heart of c.HAIR.i.TEE® is giving. Without social change and supportive communities, disaster would strike with no one around to lend a hand. That is why we are signing on to help out with multiple issues facing the planet right now. 

            Causes currently on our radar are effects of COVID-19. One of the first efforts we are putting into action is to modify some of our headbands by attaching buttons to help medical professionals wear masks with ease and comfort. Additionally, we are supplying doctors, nurses, and first responders with our hair ties as an alternative to elastic for comfort.  Anyone can receive these from us upon request and would only have to pay shipping.


            We'll be supporting the following charities until the pandemic situation ends:


Crisis Bread Basket, a food bank that supports Feeding America,

The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, 

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary of Montgomery, Texas,


African American Youth Harvest Foundation in Austin, Texas and

The Center for African American Health in Denver Colorado.




“Think globally.  Act Locally”

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