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The name c.HAIR.i.TEE® represents “hair” accessories made from upcycled “tee” shirts. 

100% of c.HAIR.i.TEE’s profits are donated to a different American-based organization or social cause each quarter.  c.HAIR.i.TEE® customers, buyers and followers may nominate their favorite charity and the Charity of the Quarter will be chosen by a panel of 5 people.


Getting Involved

A few easy ways you can get involved are volunteering, sponsoring or donating.​


  • Volunteer

    • Production Support

    • Event Planner

    • Outreach and Marketing Aid

      • Attending outreach events

      • Hosting Promotional Retailing Event

  • Sponsor

    • See Sponsorship Levels section

  • Donate

    • Individual or Corporate donations

    • In Kind donations

    • T-shirt/material donations

Vote for your favorite charity or nominate the charity of your choice to be on the voting poll here:!vote-now/c9s7

Outreach Events

c.HAIR.i.TEE® is looking for sponsors to help support our mission to give away our products to large groups. If your company would like to sponsor one of our many events, please contact us at  If you or your company chooses to be a sponsor for us, we will blog about you, place your logo on our site, offering exposure and advertising for what you do.


  • Houston Girls Scouts

  • Center for Hearing and Speech Impaired

  • Texas Yoga Conference

  • Texas Children’s Hospital

  • Take Me Outdoors

  • Austin Independent School District

  • Hope Stone

  • Nehemiah Center Cheerleading Group

  • Fiestas Patrias 

  • Under Our Wing Literacy Program

  • U.S. Dream Academy

  • Urban Souls Dance Company

  • Candlelighter’s Houston

  • Magpies and Peacocks

  • Smash-Houston Mounted Patrol

  • Builders without Borders of Texas

  • Reel Deel Foundation

  • Equessence Therapeautic

  • Dance from the Heart

  • JCC - Invisible Differences

  • Tabernacle Athletic Association

  • We Are Girls - Houston


Follow the link here to sponsor us!

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship is a one-time commitment.

+BigHearted Benefactor ($5,000)

Company Logo and Link on the cHAIRiTEE® website

Event Recognition and Event Collateral

Social Media Recognition

Divine Donor ($1000)

Company Logo and Link on the cHAIRiTEE® website

Social Media Recognition

Event Recognition

Caring Contributor ($500)

Company Logo and link on the cHAIRiTEE® website


Sincere Supporter ($2500)

Company Logo on the cHAIRiTEE® website


Gracious Giver ($100)

Name on the cHAIRiTEE® website

Sponsorship Selection

Please choose from the sponsorship options, and fill in the payment information, or visit our website for payment. We appreciate your contribution to the c.HAIR.i.TEE® initiative.​

  • Bighearted Benefactor ($5000+)

  • Divine Donor ($1000)

  • Caring Contributor ($500)

  • Sincere Supporter ($250)

  • Gracious Giver ($100)

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