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Keep your style fresh and funky, while also keeping your neck warm, with the cHAIRiTEE® Scarf. These infinity scarves are a welcome addition on those cold days. Pair with a cHAIRiTEE® fa.Tee to keep both your ears and neck nice and toasty this winter. All scarves are tie dye. 
There truly are no 2 alike in this unique line of hair wear. Each and every piece is made from 100% recycled material that has been acquired from charitable second hand stores or donated to us, right here in America! There are many styles designed for all hair types. Fine, thick, thin, curly, whatever your hair type, there is sure to be the perfect fit for you. They come in different stretchiness, thickness, and fabric types. This is why, when you shop cHAIRiTEE®, you will be given an opportunity to choose what is best for you and your hair type. All materials purchased are washed and dried, prior to production. Washing and drying not only keeps your cHAIRiTEE's clean, it also helps them keep their shape.
Under "custom order requests" please specify your favorite colors and hair type so that we can choose the best for you 
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