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the sustainable gift wrap guide 2020

Have you ever taken the time to visualize how much non-recyclable, plastic-containing wrapping paper gets tossed each Christmas? The amount has to be absolutely staggering, and that simply cannot be good for the environment.

If you want to wrap your gifts in both a pretty and eco-friendly manner, I've got you covered. Below are 4 sustainable gift wrap ideas that are sure to turn heads (in the best way).

1. Newspaper

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Not only does using newspaper to wrap your gifts look visually appealing, but it also is a great way to reuse and repurpose. Not to mention, it will help save money because it is already in your possession!

Keep the newspaper in place using biodegradable twine instead of tape, and add some pine needles for a fun final touch.

2. Tote Bags

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Give your loved ones an additional gift this Christmas by using a tote bag as wrapping.

By using a tote bag as gift wrap, your loved ones can be reuse and repurpose them in many ways, whether it be as a purse or even a grocery store bag!

3. Scarves

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Again, using a scarf as gift wrap is a great way to give your loved one an additional gift this Christmas.

Scarves make great wrapping paper because they simply tie themselves! There is no need for non-recyclable tape. Additionally, so many colors and styles of scarves are out there, so the wrapping possibilities are endless.

Many scarves can be found at your local thrift store for a fraction of the cost of a new one, so I recommend checking there before purchasing new.

4. Eco-Friendly Brown Craft Paper

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The great thing about brown craft paper is that it is recyclable, does not contain plastic, and its sturdiness does not require non-recyclable tape to put together. How great is that?

Add some biodegradable twine as a ribbon, and you're good to go!




Which eco-friendly gift wrap are you going to try this year? Let us know. If you liked our post, be sure to like and share!

Happy wrapping!

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