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Growing up in the 60's

Driving around the other day, my mind is wondering as it does when I'm driving, I had some ah-ha moments of what makes me who I am and why I do what I do. My grandmothe made all of our clothes. We got to go to the sewing store when we went to grandma's house and search through the patterns (usually Simplicity or McCall's) and chose the styles of dresses that we liked. Back then, we were not allowed to wear pants as girls. Then we shopped the fabrics. I think this inspired our brains to be somewhat creative, putting the particular fabric with what it was going to be tranformed into. Back then, no one ever looked the same, or had to have a certain brand, there were not labels. No competition or judgement whether your items were "REAL whatever." I will be forever grateful for growing up in these less judgmental times and my heart goes out to the kids these days that feel so pressured to have real uggs, real A&F, real whatever, in order to not be in the spotlight to be picked on, whether the family can afford it or not. It is very sad what our society has created with labels. Share the love, no matter what your dressed in, or they are dressed in.

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