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5 things you should be wasting your time on

Motivation Thursday: 5 things you probably feel guilty about doing including I, but shouldn’t...because “the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”. And I think of this quote almost every time I feel bad for having a lazy day. So let’s bypass all the talk and get into the 5 things you SHOULD be wasting your time on.

1. Daydream: Don’t neglect it, daydreaming is a gateway to unleash creativity. Ann says she’s a “signs” girl, If you don’t daydream that much, take it as an indication that your life is in the fast lane and should slow down.

2. Re-read a book: It’s awesome when you’ve read a book so many times; you could quote the entire novel. Ann says she has re-read Eat, Pray, Love three times and it’s one of those books when you read it over again, it remains fresh. Elizabeth Gilbert crafts her words in a way you can’t put into your own.

3. Volunteer: Giving your time to someone else is liberating. In this millennial period, social media is a huge thing for everyone, but one of the downsides is that social media has created a generation of narcissists. Selfies, insta likes, popularity contests….eh. Sure, you don’t get paid for volunteering, but it’s a waste of time that’ll give back to others.

4. Get lost: In a city, in the middle of nowhere, the boonies, whatever! From her travel experiences, Ann says the best way to get to know a city is to get lost in it. That way you’ll force yourself to utilize the transportation systems and how to read a map. Ask locals for directions, use landmarks. Drive to someplace you’ve never been with a friend or by yourself and I guarantee you’ll end up discovering places you never would’ve imagined.

5. Do nothing: Take advantage of a day where you get to do absolutely nothing. If there’s anything you should waste your time on, it’s doing nothing. Of course, no one should be exempt from their responsibilities, but take a day off and DO NOTHING. You’ll regain your full concentration on the next project you’ll be working on.

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