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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

HOW COOL IS THIS AMAZING PARTNERSHIP! The founder at c.HAIR.i.TEE®, along with one of her best friends that volunteers at Equessense Therapeutic, along with yet another best friend that owns Bobcat Golf Range pulled together an amazing venture to help the kids!

c.HAIR.i.TEE® typically gives all of it's profits to a different charity every quarter based on customer votes. This venture is a little different. We made a special deal to the perfect friend who wanted to use our idea for a personal endeavour, to help the kids at Equessense, Equine Horse Play. Then Bobcat Golf Range donated the space to sell the recycled hair accesories to their customers. 100% of the money goes directly to Equessense!

Equessense Therapeutic Horse Play is designed to provide the therapeutic benefits of experiential riding to as many people as possible in a safe, comfortable, efficient environment at a cost that would exclude no one. Equessense is a 501c3 non-profit program that utilizes horses to enhance the lives of exceptional people.

To learn more about Equessense, click here!

To learn more about Bobcat Golf Range, click here!

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