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c.HAIR.i.TEE® was featured on radio show ECO-OLOGY

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

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A few weeks ago our founder, Julie Bartos was invited to a radio interview with the topic of discussion being "volunteering," It was quite the honor for us to be a part of the discussion. As many of your know, Everything from production to profits is given away to charity. But this blog is not supposed to be about us, it is avout the folks at KPFT, a non-profit radio station, "Radio for Peace." KPFT has set the standard for what listener-supported community radio can be. They serve the Greater Houston and Galveston population of nearly six million people, reaching almost 150,000 listeners every week and bringing to the airwaves an eclectic schedule of music, news, languages and information programming. In our 40+ year history, we've grown along with Houston, helping to foster cooperation among the various peoples of the community and becoming a unifying force in a city of great economic and cultural contrasts. Nearly 90 percent of their funding comes from individual listener- members. They have no large corporate sponsors. All too often, massive funding arrives with an agenda, not to mention all those commercials! Because of their independence from concentrated control, you can hear the difference between KPFT and any other station in the first 10 or 15 minutes of listening. They are definitely different, and revel in it. Eco-Ology, Wednesday 6 to 7 AM KPFT’s program dedicated to local hero’s at the forefront of environmental action, ecology in and for Our community, social justice, health, and spirit. Produced by Patricia Greer, HC Clark and Cath Conlon. Technical support provided by Laura Slavin. And they all volunteer!! Thanks for what you do KPFT.

If you are interested in listening to our segment you can go to

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