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An Amazing New Way to Help the Homeless : by Kyndra

Updated: Jun 3, 2020


Got some old tees you want to reuse? Want to do even more for others? Wearing a c.HAIR.i.TEE® is a great way to help, just like this fascinating new idea for helping the homeless:

While it is quite likely that you have already heard of donating old clothes to places like Goodwill, another option arose just last year. Donating clothing to the homeless has initiated the creation of The Street Store, a unique new way for everyday individuals to reuse clothing while helping those in need. What began as a small project to help the homeless in South Africa, only a year later, has now spread globally as the originators sought to help with the homeless worldwide.

Individuals can now open their own street store in any location they choose. People can come and hang their old clothing and shoes at this street store. Then, homeless men and women are given the chance to “shop” at the street store, which presents them with opportunities they are not used to having. For once, they can choose what they would like to wear rather than scavenging through trash, only to settle with whatever they find.

This idea is such a great way to give back and paint bright smiles of the faces of those going through hard times. Best of all, The Street Store website outlines the easy steps anyone can take to open their own street store in their community. Check out their website to find out more ways you can get involved:

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