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We Invite You to Join the Movement

Updated: Jun 3, 2020


There is a movement stirring up. A national movement. A movement to change the way we think. A movement to change the way we act. A movement that involves all of us. A “Made in America” movement. Consumers and businesses across the country are joining in on the new mantra. Instead of products made in factories in China or sweatshops in Indonesia, more and more products are being labeled “Made in America”.

Now what exactly does this mean? What does it mean to be made in America? Being made in America is not to be confused with “Designed in America” or “Packaged in America”. To be a product truly made in America, the product must be created by hands or machines right here in the USA. What does it matter where the products we produce and consume come from? Good question! When we bring manufacturing back to America, we create jobs were they had been lost, we ensure the quality of our products, and we boost our economy.

For example, one of the major themes we here at c.HAIR.i.TEE® want to emphasize is the importance of our products being handmade in America. We support the idea of creating jobs right here at home. Every headband, hair tie, and scarf we create is not only hand cut and tied, but it is done by hardworking hands here in our nation.

What can you do to join the movement? It’s simple! Make a commitment to buy products that were made in the USA. If that sounds like too daunting of a task, you can simply attempt to check the labels on the items you buy and reconsider if that product is right for you. And for your next hair accessory need, c.HAIR.i.TEE® is right here for you!

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