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The Trend of Upcycling

"Reuse The Past, Recycle The Present, Reduce Pollution... In The Future!"

The latest new trend in fashion is upcycled clothing! CNBC’S Journalist, Handley wrote about how people are investing in resold clothing rather than buying brand new clothes. “The second-hand apparel market was worth $24 billion in the U.S in 2018, versus $35 billion for fast-fashion…” (Handley, 2019) Shopping for upcycled apparel is also more affordable for you and helpful to protect the environment.

To help you understand recycling and upcycling, I added some clarification. Mina Sinai explained that “Recycling is the process of turning waste into a reusable material or product…Upcycling is a very specific form of recycling that turns waste into a material or product that is of higher quality.” (2017) The eco-friendly fashion styles are not just found in thrift stores anymore. Although, I love exploring thrift stores because there are hidden treasures that you can find at cheap prices. There are many places to shop for second-hand apparel and accessories online. If you are searching for more options second-hand fashion, check the website (linked below) where you can compare some options.

As the economic trends grow and more people search for better solutions for sustainability, there will always be someone who will provide the trend of sustainable fashion. Handley mentioned, “ThredUp said it saw 80% spike in sales of its Clean Out Kits after tidying expert Marie Kondo’s show first aired on Netflix in January." Marie Kondo is an organization expert who wrote the book of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. For anyone interested in her organizing method, learn more through this article (linked below)

You can also choose to simplify your own life by recycling clothing and accessories. You will be saving money in the end. This small change can help protect the earth in a huge impact. How will you do your part in protecting our beautiful planet of Earth?


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