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What is Sustainable Fashion and Why is it Important?

Fashionista or not, I’m sure many of us have heard the term “sustainable fashion” What exactly is it and why does it matter? Sustainable fashion refers to a system where production and supply of fashion products have been modified in ways that ensure a healthier lifestyle and environment.

Sustainable fashion is crucial due to the following reasons. Health concerns are one of the biggest issues when it comes to fashion. Many are not aware that fast fashion is one of the largest pollution causing industries in the world. Fast fashion is a term that describes the rapid production and advertisement of inexpensive clothes with one goal which is to keep up with the latest trends and ensure merchandise is being sold quickly. While businesses may be booming, the environment is suffering and that is something we must be aware of. In many countries the toxic waste waters used by factories to make clothing are discharged into rivers causing pollution to the water which affects the aquatic life and those living nearby who rely on the river for everyday use.

Aside from the impact it has on our environment, it also has a huge impact on those who wear it. The chemicals used to make these clothing have long term effects on our skin. With sustainable fashion, products are carefully manufactured to make sure they are free of toxic chemicals such as dyes and pesticides. These harmful chemicals not only affects those wearing it but those creating the merchandise as well. We can’t forget about the hard workers behind the production team who are constantly exposed to harsh working conditions. This is a violation of human rights. Everyones life is important.

Fashion is always evolving. With the creation of eco friendly materials, the fashion industry is changing for the better. It’s important to be aware of the clothing you are purchasing. Next time you are out shopping for an outfit. Please make sure to read the labels, question the ethics of the brands and ask yourself is the purchase worth it? Is your health important? Is the environment important to you? Sustainable fashion matters.

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