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3 reasons to shop our 50% off sale

This is unprecedented territory - all purchases are 50% off for the rest of the year! How amazing is that?? Now you can get double the amount of products for the same price ;)

Below are 3 big reasons why you should take advantage of this incredible sale.




1. All Profits are Donated To Charity

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cHAIRiTEE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping underserved communities. So by purchasing from us, you are helping someone in need.

Check out the charity we are supporting for the month of October: Beautifully Loved, a community foundation fund in Texas helping families battling chronic illness.

2. All Items Made From Recycled Materials

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Did you know that more than 15 million tons of textile waste is done each year in the United States alone (Leblanc, 2019)? This is contributing to pollution and resource depletion. To combat this, cHAIRiTEE recycles t-shirts to create its products.

3. We Are A One-Woman (+interns) Show

photo from Instagram @chairitee

Running a business in general is no easy task, but to run one on your own is very difficult. As a one-woman show, owner Julie Bartos does anything and everything for her business.

Julie does it all. She sources, manufactures, packages and ships merchandise. Not to mention, she manages a group of interns. This is a lot for one woman to take on, and she deserves to see her efforts rewarded.




Go show Beautifully Loved, the environment and Julie some love by shopping cHAIRiTEE's 50% off sale today. Just use code "50OFF" at checkout. :)

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