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4 fall trends to try right now

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If you've been wondering what looks and styles are considered fashionable this fall, look no further!

I have compiled a list of four big trends from Fall 2020, taking reference from several fashion magazines and Fall 2020 runways. Check them out below.

1. Plaids

According to Marie Claire Magazine, plaid prints were seen all over the Fall 2020 runways on everything from dresses, to skirts to jackets (Holzman, 2020). Colors that were seen most were red and tan plaids.

Try out the plaid trend today by pairing a thrifted plaid blazer with your favorite jeans and boots. Oh yeah, and don't forget your cHAIRiTEE fa.TEE headband. ;)

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2. Square Necklines

Who What Wear states that since September, square necklines have increased in popularity by over 40 percent (Fitzpatrick, 2020). This trend is the perfect way to show off your collarbones and/or necklaces.

Try out the square neck trend by sporting a square neck babydoll dress with some white sneakers and your favorite necklace. Pull your hair up with your favorite cHAIRiTEE scrunch.TEE to fully accentuate the neckline.

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3. Everyday Intimates

Bazaar Magazine claims that lingerie-looking apparel was seen all over the Fall 2020 runway, with lace bustier tops, silk dresses and sheer designs throughout (Pieri, 2020).

This trend might seem intimidating, but it can be pulled off effortlessly. Just pair a thrifted silk sleepwear dress with a turtleneck and boots, and you have yourself a trendy fall outfit.

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4. Nude Tones

Peaches, beiges and browns, oh my! Bazaar Magazine states that nudes were on the Fall 2020 runway and are a popular trend this fall (Pieri, 2020).

This trend is super easy to wear. Just pair your beige/tan items together! You could always pair a brown jacket with jeans and a knee-length boot.

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Which fall trend are you going to try next? Share our post on your socials and let us know!

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Have an awesome day!


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