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A Time For Change

Over the past weeks, we have seen millions of people stand in solidarity to protest against the systemic racism that has impeded on the rights and opportunities of many people. Communities of color are being deeply affected by this system which has plagued our country for so long. It is past time for a much-needed change in our country. And it is our responsibility to unite and speak out against inequality and open conversation about racial injustices. We cannot stay silent about these issues which continue to occur. We need to strive for equality and justice for all people. Equal human rights should not be a debate.

As a part of c.HAIR.i.TEE’s mission, we are dedicated to improving the world around us by taking action and helping others. We stand together with the black community and are against acts of racism and discrimination. We need to spread positivity and support one another to build a stronger and inclusive community. It’s time to work together and learn to value and protect all lives. It’s time for change.

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