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Are my favorite products sustainable?

Have you ever evaluated your day-to-day products to see if they are sustainable?

It can be hard to part with your favorite unsustainable items; trust me. However, I think it is important to at least recognize that there are more sustainable options out there.

Below I am going to show you which five items I can't leave the house without, and look at some eco-friendly alternatives to them.

1. My phone

This probably goes without saying. A phone is basically a necessity in today's day in age. Whether it is used to look up directions or google search "best places to eat near me," my phone needed when I walk out the door.

I am proud to say that my phone case is made by Pela, which creates cases that are 100% compostable. This makes me so happy because when I eventually get a new phone and have to dispose of the case, I can compost it so it will biodegrade faster. Check out the company and get yourself a case like this here.

2. Headphones

I like to carry headphones with me when at all possible. I love listening to podcasts or music, especially when I am walking or in a waiting room.

These Apple headphones are not very sustainable due to its use of plastic. When I lose these (which is very probable) or need a different pair, I will be looking to buy a more eco-friendly pair such as those at House of Marley. This company uses materials like wood, bamboo and recyclable aluminum and plastic to make their headphones. They also plant a tree for every pair sold.

3. Lip Gloss

Whenever my lips are feeling chapped, I always reach for lip gloss. My particular favorite is Glossier Mango Balm Dotcom.

The more I am reading about my favorite beauty products, the more I am realizing I need to consider parting with them due to their excess use of plastic.

When my Glossier tubes run out (it will be a sad day), I am going to try a brand like Blue Heron Botanicals, which uses plastic-free packaging.

4. Tik Tacs

When I need something for my breath or just want something to snack on, I love to have a few Tik Tacs. My favorite flavor is orange.

While Tik Tacs are a nice alternative to gum because they aren't individually packaged, the container is still plastic. However, the containers can be repurposed into things like bobby pin holders or spice containers. Check out this article for other fun uses of Tik Tac containers.

5. cHAIRiTEE scrunch.TEE

When I'm out and about running errands, sometimes I want to throw my hair up. The cHAIRiTEE scrunchTEE is perfect, because it is so gentle on the hair. Not to mention, it is super cute and makes the perfect accessory!

All cHAIRiTEE items are made using recycled t-shirts, so the scrunch.TEE is the perfect sustainable alternative to a typical hair tie. Buy one for yourself here for 50% off using code "50OFF"!




What are some items you can't live without? Are they sustainable, or could they be substituted with more sustainable alternatives? Comment below.

Have a great day, and don't forget to shop our 50% off sale! :)

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