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Happy Earth Day!

"Our Earth is special, there is just one. It gives us water, soil, and sun. People and animals share the land, let's all lend a helping hand! You can save water, and plant a tree. Make a better home for you and me. Recycle things, don't throw away. Make every day an Earth Day!" - Candace Quester

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year. As a matter of fact, this year marks 50 years of celebrating Earth Day! Launched in 1970 with the mission to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.

How is it celebrated?

Traditionally, Earth day is celebrated through discussion and events all over the world. Unfortunately, this year Earth Day will be a little different due to efforts of self- isolating and will be celebrated through digital media landscapes. The goal is to flood digital media with discussions and images of our beloved planet for 24 hours. You too can participate! Keep the discussions of Earth and climate change going and show everyone that you care by posting about it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you feel most comfortable. will be streaming a live celebration on their website so we can all come together to share our thoughts.

I am grateful for many things. One of the biggest things I am grateful for is Earth. Earth is all around us and we have many memories connected with Earth and everything it gives us. What is one thing you love about Earth?

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