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It's all about sharing the love

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

It truly is for us at c.HAIR.i.TEE® about sharing the love. More than a year was spent prior to opening shop, trying to figure out who the heck we were going to give our profits to. We wanted to focus on the mental health industry since we have a family member that suffers from schizophrenia and there is just so many areas, avenues, organizations, we couln't put our finger on it. Then there's the animals. Oh how all of us want to help the abandoned, abused, homeless, helpless, and even the healthy ones. Oh my goodness, talk about the overwhelming amount of organizations and individuals out there trying to solve the issues. Well the day came, on another one of those long car rides, that the idea came to just choose a different charity periodically. That rapidly morphed into still not knowing how to decide who and what to pick to....lets get customer votes! A very exciting moment to say the least!

So being our primary goal to give profits away and needing to make that happen as quickly as possible to validate this dream, we had the website built as an avenue for voting (and buying of course). We found an amazing web designer who is passionate about what we do and has worked countless hours, and still does, to help our company grow.

Our first line of of charities was Love, Inc. in Bozeman MT, Locks of Love, Writers in the Schools in Houston TX, and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I was so happy that the Elephants won and had really mixed feeling at first, because I really wanted everyone to win. So the story goes. We chose not to have any power in choice of this venture and believe in our hearts that everyhting happens, just the way it is supposed to.


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