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If you are like me, you might feel overwhelmed at times with the ongoing discussion of sustainability and what everyone is contributing to help our planet. We can get caught up with our feelings that we are not doing enough, which is hard to do when you are going to college and your budget does not allow enough flexibility to purchase eco-friendly products. I would like to remind every person stressing about this topic that every little thing you do counts! Being on a college student budget is hard at times so I have created a cool list with some budget-friendly options to help do your part in saving our Mother Earth.

1. Obvious Choice: Buying Secondhand

a. By purchasing secondhand, whether that be clothing, shoes, or home décor we eliminate the number of textiles and other harmful materials that end up in our landfills. This may also help your wallet by buying more than half the price of a brand-new item.

b. Bonus points: If your items are still in good condition, let your items have a third or fourth life when you donate it to charity shops and thrift stores.

2. Buy quality not quantity

a. If there is a need to purchase something new make sure it is of good quality and is not trend centered because it will guarantee to be reused more than once.

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